We are a manufacturer’s representative who serve the commercial and industrial plumbing industry. We currently represent some of the most prestigious manufacturers in the plumbing industry. Our average tenure with these manufacturers is 14 years.

Stop by and visit us at:
1903 Air Lane Drive – Nashville, TN 37210


PLUMBING: Engineered plumbing products- from underground to roof. HYDRONIC & STEAM: Products to optomize operational costs.  
  • ADA-ABA Fixtures
  • Chemical Waste Systems
  • Service Water Heating
  • Trench Drainage Sytems
  • Emergency Fixtures
  • Commercial Fixture Packages
  • Shower systems
  • Thermostatic Water Temperature Controllers
  • Drainage Systems
  • Flush Valves and Faucets
  • Water Conservation Technology
  • Medium-mass boilers – Steal and Cast Iron- condensing and non-condensing
  • Low-mass boilers – Copper Fin
  • Gas Regulators – Stocked Locally
  • Heat Exchangers – Plate & Frame; U Tube and Replacement Tube Bundle
  • CLEAN Steam
  • Hydronic Accessories – Expansion and Storage Tanks; Flowing Balancing
  • Valves; Steam Traps; Check Valves, Strainers, Relief Valves Gauges, Thermmometers, Flex Connectors Shot Feeders